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Faculty’s View Of TracSystem
Posted by Sasha Contreras on 05 August 2020 03:52 PM

Faculty’s View


Making sure your staff members have access to the information and features they need –and nothing more– is important. That’s why in this week’s Newsletter, we’ll be going over how you can customize your faculty’s Trac System experience. Starting with visual elements and showcasing useful features, then fine-tuning your faculty’s permission group settings...

Faculty Access

Faculty Access – Utilities and Prefs > System Prefs > FacultyAccess

Here, you can modify the message that appears when the Faculty member logs into the Trac System. You get a full text editor, so you can easily modify text or add images without using HTML tags (although the option is there if you prefer it).


Faculty Access 2

Faculty Courses – Home Screen

Here we see the faculty member’s assigned courses, as well as quick access to referrals if you have the SAGE module. The faculty can also click on the course title to quickly access the class roster. This option can be enabled or disabled in Trac Navigation > Search Glass > Center Profiles > [Your Center] > Group Access > Faculty > Faculty Options.

Faculty Courses

Creating a Second Tab – Utilities and Prefs > System Prefs > MainMenuCustomTab-Faculty

Write out what you’d like on your second tab, then click save. This will appear as a selectable tab within the faculty’s main menu window
Creating a Second Tab

Center Notices – Your Center Profile > Prefs > Notices

Here you can write a notice to your faculty. This appears in a gray box on their main menu. You can also write notices for other staff, students, or KIOSKs here as well. The name of the gray box is based on the name of your Trac profile.

Center Notices


Utilization – Home Screen

This tab allows your faculty to quickly view student visits straight from their home screen.


Group Access – Your Center Profile > Group Access > Faculty

This is one of the more comprehensive set of settings in the Trac System. Here we can fine-tune exactly what we want our faculty to have permission to view or edit.

Center Access – This tab controls which centers your faculty have access to, as well as some additional restriction options, such as what kind of messages they can send, which lists they have access to, what surveys they’re allowed to modify, and more.

Group Access


Student EntryThis tab lets you control what kind of access faculty have to student information.

Student Entry


Admin / Modules –This tab is where you’d control the level of administrative access your faculty would have.

Admin / Modules


RestrictionsHere we can restrict access to various parts of the Trac System.



More Questions?

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Thank you for your continued support.

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