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Sections & Reasons: Making the Most of Recording Visits and Appointments
Posted by Jennifer Turley on 31 May 2017 03:20 PM


Making the Most of Recording Visits & Appointments


Recording Visits/Appointments is the bread and butter of the Trac system. While tracking the dates and times of your student visits is important we often ask for a little more information about these sessions in the form of Sections or Reasons. Most Trac systems are already using Sections and/or Reasons in a basic form but there are several options in regards to these parameters that can help you customize them to meet your data gathering needs. In this week we will explore these options and their functions.



Reasons Options

First up are the advanced Reason options. To start you will want to head over to your Center Profile(s) from the magnifying glass in your Trac Navigation. Choose the Center Profile you wish to work with and head to the Reasons tab. Here your current Reason options in the system will be listed. Clicking on the name of one of these reasons will provide you with a screen similar to this:

As you can see there’s a lot more to a Reason than its name. Below we breakdown the different options you see:

Reason Options

  • Is Work Reason - This reason will only show if the student being logged in is linked to a consultant account (They are a tutor/advisor/coach/etc.)
  • Is Staff Reason – Will not show on a kiosk, only staff-logged visits will have this option
  • Tip – Store information about the reason here like a tooltip.
  • Do NOT SHOW for Appointments – Does not show as an option for appointments, only for visits.
  • Do NOT SHOW for Login/Out Process – Don’t show for real-time visits, only quick visits/batch visits entry.
  • Auto logout after X minutes, do not wait full time – Automatically logs visits out if still logged in at the duration. Do not wait full time immediately logs the visit in and out with a fixed duration.
  • Notify when student still logged n after X minutes, snooze time Y minutes – Displays an alert on the Log Listing if the student is still logged in past the set time. Snooze removes the alert for the snooze duration.
  • And send email to _ - Sends an email to notify someone of a still logged in visit.

Alert/Snooze Button :

Using these options you can exercise more control over your Visits/Appointments. Whether it is automatically logging students out after a set time or making a Reason available only for Quick Visits the choice is up to you.


Sections Options

Sections are generally used to gather information on the subject or course of a meeting but can be also be used to denote a workshop, campus event, or even just an “Other” option. Venturing over to the Sections tab of your Center Profile will show you all of the Sections for the current term. You can also use the Term search box to view Sections for other terms such as Term 0. Redrock support will often times recommend Term 0 be used for more timeless options that don’t need to be tied to  a specific term. Clicking on any Section (whether a current one or not) will bring up a similar screen:

Three checkboxes can be found within each Section. Their use is as follows:

  • Non Enrolled (Available to All) – Makes a section show as an option regardless of enrollment, generally used for options that aren’t specific course sections.
  • Is Work Section (Available to Consultants Only) – Hides the section from students but allows consultants to be logged with it.
  • Do Not Display on Search Availability – Hides the Section from the Search Availability screen.

With knowledge of these advanced Section and Reason options you can more precisely gather your data and Trac workflow.


More Questions?

We hope that you find this newsletter helpful and as always if you have any questions on this or any other features, please feel free to let us by emailing or submitting a ticket.  Enter any comments below.

Thank you for your continued support!

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