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Customize Your Trac System
Posted by Jennifer Turley on 21 June 2017 09:05 AM



In this week’s Newsletter we will be discussing how to customize your Trac System. We will talk about how to upload your Campus Logo and Name, edit the Main Menu, add your campus colors and customize Notices on the Main Menu for different Users of your Trac System. As System Administrators there are many ways that you can customize your Trac system and we are here to show you!



The first and easiest way to customize your Trac System is to upload your campus Logo. This can be done by going to the Trac Navigation -> TracMan Icon -> Utilities and Prefs -> Custom Utility tab -> Change the dropdown from “Standard” to “SysAdmin” -> Upload Campus Logo -> Execute. This will bring up a page asking you to find the logo, and upload it to your System.

NOTE: Make sure that the height of the image does not exceed 75 pixels and the width does not exceed 350 pixels, for optimal appearance.

After the Logo has been updated you can also add your Campus Name so it will appear beneath the Logo. To do this you will need to go to the Trac Navigation -> TracMan Icon -> Utilities and Prefs -> System Prefs tab -> Search for “Campus Name” -> Add Campus Name and click Save.  The Campus Name will appear in the upper-right corner of the Trac System under the school logo. This is a global name for all users across all profiles. Typically the name of your College or University is entered here because it applies to all profiles.



Want to customize the colors in your Trac system to match your School colors? To change this setting you will need to go to the Trac Navigation -> TracMan Icon -> Utilities and Prefs -> System Prefs tab -> Search for “campusColorData” -> Here you will be able to adjust the colors of the title bar, the title text, the window background, and the window drop shadow. You can use the preview box to test out your changes, and once you have decided on the color scheme just click “Save” to apply the changes to your system.



Another great way to customize your Trac System is to edit the Main Menu with either a welcome message or instructions for your Users. Please keep in mind that in order to edit the Main Menu, you must be logged in as a System Administrator. Once logged in as a SysAdmin you will see a pencil icon on the lower left corner of the Main Menu. When you click on that icon it will open a window that allows you to create a custom message.

Some of the options available to you when creating this Welcome Message:

  1. Full Screen
  2. Preview
  3. Search
  4. Paste from Word document
  5. Font Color
  6. Background Color
  7. Bookmark
  8. Hyperlink – Allows you to change any text link into a Hyperlink
  9. Insert Image
  10. Insert Graph
  11. Absolute- Add text to surround image
  12. Insert Special Characters
  13. Insert Line
  14. Form Editor – Allows you to create Radio Choices, Checkboxes, Lists, etc…
  15. Remove Formatting
  16. View/Edit Source

Along with all of these options you can also add HTML coding to create a more custom Main Menu. This message that is edited on the Main Menu will appear for all administrators of the application, however if you would like to also create custom messages for the Students, Consultants, Faculty or Users. You can add Notices to this main menu that can only be viewed depending on the type of account that is used to log in. These Notices are Profile based, which means that whichever profile that they are created under they will be displayed for all the Centers in that profile.

You can edit these Notices by going to the Trac Navigation-> Search Glass-> Center Profiles-> Select Profile-> Prefs tab-> Notices tab-> Edit the type of Notice you want to create-> Click Save.


More Questions?

We hope that you find this newsletter helpful and as always if you have any questions on this or any
other features, please feel free to let us by emailing or submitting a
ticket. Enter any comments below.

Thank you for your continued support!

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