How To: Set up Student Photos
Posted by Sean Lee on 09 May 2013 02:53 PM

To import students' ID photos to AdvisorTrac, exactly what picture format is needed?  Once we have the files, where should they be placed?

Student Photos Specs
32k max file size
.JPG format
default ratio is 3:4, tall orientation
use numeric student id as the filename
store photo files in the ‘Photos’ folder of your root Trac System directory (example ‘c:\AdvisorTrac\Photos’)

For more advanced settings, goto:
Trac Navigation > Utilities and Prefs… > System Prefs tab
Click the "Student Photos" preference, listed in the Student Data section.  

You can control what is expected as the file name.  By default, it is set to student id.  For example, a student with an ID number of 1234567 will need to have their picture named “1234567.jpg”.  You may change the settings to use Barcode.  

You may also choose if you are using wide or tall orientation. 

Once you have the photos in the correct format, place them in your root directory (AdvisorTrac/TutorTrac/FitnessTrac), in the “Photos” folder. 

Photos may also be uploaded one-by-one within the Trac System using the Student Entry window.


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