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Is there a way to generate a report from student IDs?
Posted by Sean Lee on 08 May 2013 04:19 PM

I have a list of student IDs and I want to use that list to generate a report that will show me how often each student visited a particular program. Is there a way to generate a report from student IDs?

To run a report based off of a list of student ID's, we will first need to execute a search, and then run the report based off of the search.

First go to your Student Listings (TracNavigation > Search Glass > Students).

Here in the student listings, click List Options then select Utility Search. When the Search Utilities window pops up, select the “Find by Value tab”. Change the Field from “Sequence” to “ID”, then enter (copy - paste) the values in the “values” box to the right. Make sure to separate each ID number with a Return character. After you have entered all the ID numbers, click “Find by value” to execute the search.

Once the results populate with your selection of students, you can click on the Reports dropdown menu just to the right of List options. When you select “Standard Reports”, you can run any report here for the selected group of students.  But an important preference must be selected. For example, if you are looking for Visit information, we typically recommend the “Visits / Students By” report located in the “Students by” category.  In the Visits / Students By report, there is a “Student search” hyperlink. Click this link to open more search criteria. When this loads, there will be a preference entitled “Use previous list of student records”.  Check this preference. This preference will run this report on the selection of students that you just searched for.  

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