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Posted by Sean Lee on 23 April 2013 09:28 AM


Welcome to Version 4.0 of the TutorTrac, AdvisorTrac, FitnessTrac, and LabTrac systems. While Version 4.0 has brought the family of “Trac” products back together in a single interfaced system, each product still maintains its own identity. For the purposes of teaching and training, the 4 products may be commonly referred to as the Trac system or Trac product. By bringing the separate products to a single interface, you may now enjoy more effective communication and collaboration with your peers while keeping sensitive data private and secure.

FitnessTrac was the first application in the Trac product line. Developed and introduced in 1992, it quickly became a vital tool for the colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) in Arizona. The original version was Server-Client software that provided the users with a much-needed ability to track student activity in the college fitness centers and quickly obtain accurate and meaningful reports. After a few years of many feature developments and enhancements, similar needs to efficiently track student activity arose in the learning centers in the district. Upon discovering that a learning center in the district was attempting to utilize FitnessTrac, Kelly Corder (Developer and Owner of Redrock Software Corporation) developed the TutorTrac system to meet an entirely new set of needs presented by learning centers. In 2000, the FitnessTrac and TutorTrac products were re-developed as completely web-based applications. AdvisorTrac soon followed to accommodate advising and counseling centers and LabTrac for the computer labs. Version 3.0 was released in 2005 and the Trac products have continued to become even more capable with each new release. After 4 years, the growth of the Trac products required a rewrite to continue providing new enhancements, so 4.0 was planned and developed.

We are very excited for the 4.0 release and the system capabilities that are now available to you! Be prepared - there is a learning curve to becoming familiar with the system and how it operates, but the system is quite amazing.

Have fun learning the new system and don't hesitate to contact Redrock Support team with any questions!

480-752-8533 Ext 201

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