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As an Administrator, how can I view/troubleshoot from a student perspective?
Posted by Sean Lee on 08 May 2013 03:22 PM

I created a "dummy" student to use for training and so I could log in as a student.  However, I'm no longer able to log in as that student and I can't see a way to change the password.  Can you tell me how I can view TutorTrac from a student perspective, and more broadly, is there a way to view as any particular student for troubleshooting purposes?


As an administrator you can simply go to the sample Student record in question, and change the password from the General Info tab. Click on the “Handle” hyperlink to change a student’s password. If your Administrative Group (the SysAdmin group has the ability inherently) does not have the privilege to change student passwords, you can enable this access within your Center Profile Prefs > Group Access Preferences. You may need to activate a few settings:

  In the Student Entry Tab of your Group's access preferences:

 Allow User to Edit Student Passwords (all sysAdmins may edit)

 Allow User to Save changes to Student records

Student Entry Form:

You also might need to remove a Restriction:

 Prevent User from Viewing Info Tabs in Student Entry

As a SysAdmin (or Admin with Access to Utilities & Prefs > Custom Utility), one is able to log in a student, or any user, WITHOUT knowing the user's password credentials.

There is also a tool located in your Utilities and Prefs (TrackMan > Utilities and Prefs) that you can use as an Administrator to log on as a user. On the tab Custom Utility, change your category from Standard to Advanced.  Towards the bottom of the list there is the utility entitled “Login as user”. This tool allows you to login as a user without knowing their password.  Select the appropriate type of user (Student, Consultant, Faculty, or User), enter the username, then click execute and the system will then log you in as this user.


This tool is crucial for many reasons. The updates released towards the end of 2012 included some added security measures that encrypt passwords.  So if you are unable to decipher a password (filled with nonsensical characters ie. &T*$#9;!5%> ), this is the reason why. You can always reset a password, but in some situations this may not be desirable, and so the Login as User tool becomes invaluable for a variety of troubleshooting purposes.  

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