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When my students search for availabilities and attempt to select a course, no courses appear in the drop down menu. Why?
Posted by Sean Lee on 26 April 2013 10:56 AM

Once your section/course information has been entered either manually or entered via the import process, we will need to activate Sections for your Subcenters, or in other words, we will need to indicate which courses will be available for your students at which Subcenters. If you have a writing center, a math center, and a learning center, you may want to activate your writing based courses in the writing center, your math oriented courses in the math center, and perhaps ALL courses in the learning center. To do so, we will need to navigate to your Center Profiles through the Search Glass on the right side of the Trac Navigation bar.

Once you've selected your Center Profile, navigate to the Sections Tab. Here you should see a total list of all the courses available through your Trac system. Each course will ultimately have 2 checkboxes, one on the left and one in the center (just underneath "Subcenter Options"). If you do not see a checkbox in the center, it is because the checkbox to the left is Deactivated.

The checkbox on the left determines whether the course is Globally active, or in other words, active/available at all. In order to have a section be available for selection, these checkboxes on the left will need to be activated. To activate ALL of these courses globally, click "List Options" in the top left corner, and select "Activate These". This will proceed to "check" ALL of the checkboxes on the left, for all available courses. If you have courses available from a previous term and do not want to activate these, simply perform a search using your current term (in the "term" field), and then following your search, select "Activate These" to only activate the courses that you've found with your term search.

Now that your sections are globally active, we still need to activate courses PER subcenter. This is handled by activating the Center Checkbox. Just underneath "Subcenter Options" you should see your "Center Profile chosen". If you click on Subcenter Options, you should see a list of the subcenters available under your Center Profile. To remain consistent with the previously used example, let's say that we select the Writing Center. The Center Profile window will refresh, and you should now see underneath Subcenter Options "Writing Center Chosen". Now that the Writing Center is chosen, we need to activate the Center Checkboxes for the appropriate classes. If ALL courses are available at your Writing Center, we can click on Subcenter Options > "Add these to Writing Center". Or alternatively, if we are only looking for English courses, type "ENG@" (the wildcard @ symbol will include all courses that begin with "ENG") in the search field just to the right of the "Term" search field. Hit "Enter" or "Return" to execute the search. Once you've located the correct courses, you can now click on "Subcenter Options" > "Add these to Writing Center". Repeat this process for the rest of your centers to complete the activation process.

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