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Posted by Sean Lee on 23 April 2013 01:56 PM

Custom Fields can be used to receive input from your students. You can have up to 8 custom fields per Center Profile. These custom fields/questions can be integrated into your Login process or in your Visit Records to gather feedback from your Students.

Creating a Visit Custom Field

To create a custom field, click on a Custom Field Visit # or click Create new   and fill out the fields on the following screen.

The Active field determines whether this Custom Field is actively being utilized by the system. If this Custom field is set to Inactive, the information saved here will be available to view and edit, but will not be functional.

Enter the Name of your Custom field in the Name / Prompt field.

The Appears field determines where this custom field appears:

  • At Login
  • At Logout
  • Student Entry Only

If At Login is selected the Custom question will appear during the Login process.

If At Logout is selected the Custom question will appear during the Logout process. 

If Student Entry Only is selected, the Custom field will appear in the Student Entry form or Student Record, in the Center Info Tab. 

Activating the Required preference will force users to fill in and answer your Custom question before continuing their login or logout process.

The Display on Loglist preference, if activated, will display your custom field on the Log Listing. 

The Type field controls the type of field that populates for your Custom field question. Selecting Alpha will load a dropdown box. If Alpha is selected, make sure to enter the choices that you want to populate in the dropdown box in the Choices field below (separated by enter/return character).

If Text is selected, a text field will appear next to the Custom field, allowing students/users to type answers into the text field. If Text is selected, the Choices field below does not apply.

The sorting code field allows users to enter a keyword used to categorize this custom field.

The Access Options field determines which groups are able to access these custom questions. To add a group, click on the blue dropdown arrow  and select the appropriate group(s).

Click Save to save your new Visit Custom Field. 

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