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What is Stunnel?
Posted by Sean Lee on 23 April 2013 01:50 PM

Stunnel is a program that encrypts all data connections to your Trac server. Stunnel facilitates this by acting as a proxy between users' browsers and the Trac application. So, a user would open web browser and enter in your server address, i.e. Stunnel receives the encrypted request, decrypts the request, and then forwards the request to the Trac application. The Trac application will then issue a response back to Stunnel, Stunnel encrypts the response, and then forwards the encrypted response back to the user's browser. With this method, all network traffic from the server to the client is encrypted while the Trac application communicates with Stunnel in an unencrypted format.   For more details about stunnel, goto the Use SSL Encryption to Secure Your Trac System documentation.

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