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We’ve bought the Trac Product and are in the process of installation. Is there anything we can do to prepare for full implementation?
Posted by Sean Lee on 23 April 2013 12:38 PM

First, the major factor that determines how smoothly initial configuration goes is your workflow. How would your campus like processes to run in regards to Visits, Appointments, Logging students in and out / Recording Visits, Scheduling, and most importantly, what type of data you want to run reports on at the end of it all.  These Visit, Appointment, and Scheduling processes are typically highly dependent on the data you want to collect.        

Important Questions to ask:                              

  • Do we want to sign students in and out of our centers (to collect Visit Data) or Do we want to strictly run an Appointment based schedule?
  • Who will be signing students in and who will be signing them out? (Front desk workers, consultants)
  • Will Consultants enter visit notes to the visit records?
  • Who will be responsible for creating Consultant Schedules?
  • Do we want students to be able to book their own appointments?

Additionally, here are some advanced questions about 3 major elements of your Trac system setup:

  1. The Import Process (importing student and course data)
  2. LDAP Authentication (single sign on using campus credentials for users – students, consultants, etc)
  3. SSL encryption – (secure network)

These 3 processes will require some involvement with your IT department, or whichever department is responsible for your Server that hosts your Trac application. This is the main reason why these processes typically take a little longer to complete, and may be beneficial to get started early. Here are some links that detail these 3 processes.

So to summarize, discuss with your Administrator group the details and specifics of your workflow process. Discussions should revolve around the Log in process, Scheduling, and what type of Data you want to collect in Reports (visit info, appointment info, etc).  Regarding the 3 processes that will need IT involvement, assess whether or not some of these tasks can be done previous to installation (choosing which fields to Import, how to obtain SSL certificates). If at any time you have questions or require clarification on any processes contacting Redrock support at

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