3. Installation Details
Posted by Sean Lee on 23 April 2013 09:21 AM

Installation Code

The Installation Code for your Trac application is generated for your unique installation. The code is partly based on your IP Address. The IP Address of the server MUST remain static for your installation code to remain valid and for your Trac application to continue to run.


Internal or External IP Address

The application can run off of an internal or external IP address, however, the type of access that is required will typically determine the address and domain where the Trac application is installed. If the application is not available off-campus, then students will not be able to schedule online appointments and staff will not be able to check information and run reports from anywhere.


Customizing the URL or Domain Name

All users access the Trac application through a web browser. By default, the URL will simply be the IP

Address of the server (i.e. and the users will need to remember the IP Address or bookmark the address. Most will prefer to set up a DNS to access the site, such as http://trac.college.edu.

The DNS is set up with the Network Administrators at your college or university.


Backup and Restoration

It is recommended that a daily backup be made of the Trac data file. This process may be handled by our campus' own software. There is a single data file that needs to be backed up and is found in your installation directory. If necessary, all of the Trac application files other than the data file may be reinstalled from CD or via download.


Moving to a New Server: Server Migration

Moving the application from one server machine to another is a simple operation. Simply move the entire Trac application directory from the original server machine to the new server machine. Then change the IP Address of the new machine to the old server’s IP Address (in order for the Installation code and software license to be valid). If your Server IP Address is changed, then your installation code will be deactivated and Redrock Software will generate a new code for the new server. If you're moving to a Windows server, it's likely you will also need to add a new Data-Execution-Prevention (DEP) exception for the Trac application.



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