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Posted by Sean Lee on 23 April 2013 11:05 AM


The askEthnicity setting is no longer utilized in version 4.0.



The BARCODERULE is utilized when a script is required to utilize your barcode scanners or magnetic strip card readers. Most barcodes and magnetic strips contain extra data or characters beyond the Student ID. When the card is scanned or swiped, the extra characters must be stripped from the result of the scan. Most card readers will come with software to customize the scanner so it removes the extra characters and only sends the ID portion of the scan. That is the preferred method to work with card  eaders, however, not all readers have software to pull just the ID. In that case, you will need to contact Redrock Software Corporation to work on a script to pull the ID out of the full scan. You will need to provide a text file of a sample scan and identify which portion of the scan is the ID.



The CustomStudentFields contains settings to name and provide choices for each of the 9 custom student fields.



The CustomStudentTabs allows for setup of up to 3 custom tabs that appear on the Student Entry Screen. You may also name up to 3 custom sub-tabs that appear in the General Info tab of the Student Entry Screen. Additionally, you may name up to three sub-tabs that appear on the Student History page. The content is determined by the customized text stored in campus.xml (contact Redrock Software Corporation for customizations) and the security is defined in the group security options.



The DEGHREEINFO setting is customized for specific installations of the Trac application.



The formatID setting provides a method for setting the number of digits and adding characters to the student ID. If your IDs are a full six digits and there is a student ID of 12345 then enter your preference as

000000. The six zeroes will force all six digits to display, including the preceding zero.

This preference should be used carefully, however, because the formatting might not be entered correctly for your IDs and could then display your IDs as >>>>>>> if the IDs and formatting do not match. For example, if we enter the preference with six zeroes, 000000, but one student has an ID of 1234567, then this student ID could not be formatted according to the rule.

You can prevent this by entering a # symbol for digits that you would like to allow to display but not force.

So, again using our same example, you could enter the preference as #000000. This would force six digits and allow up to seven digits. The ID 12345 would display as 012345, the ID 123456 would display as 123456, and the ID 1234567 would display as 1234567.



The SCRIPT:BarCodeSearch is a secondary option to the BARCODERULE that is only used if the barcode cannot be handled with the BARCODERULE setting.



The StandardStudentFields setting provides options to set up the choices for the standard student fields.



The StoreStudentPass setting is required to be YES if students will be logging into your Trac application with a password locally stored in the Trac application.



The StudEditInfo setting provides a method to allow or prevent student access to edit their bio in the Trac application. If set to YES, then a link is available for the students to click on to edit their bio.



The StudentAccess settings contain configurations for the Students in your Trac application to provide messages and access levels to various functions including scheduling appointments and viewing their own visit history.



The StudentPhotos are set up with three settings: naming, extension, and display. For the Photo naming, there are a couple of basic options. Your photos can be named as the Student ID, Barcode, or internal Sequence number. Any other naming will have to be defined in a custom script that you would need to work out with Redrock Support. For the photo extension, you must include the period in the extension name. .JPG is the default and most common value. For the photo orientation, the options are Tall or Wide in a 3:4 or 4:3 ratio.

When using these settings, the Trac application uses the default location for the photos. The default location is a Photos folder in the application installation directory (i.e. C:\*Trac\Photos). Place the student photos in this folder with the correct naming and extension, and they will automatically appear for the students based on your settings.

If you need to input more advanced settings, then you will need to work out the details with Redrock Support.

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