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Automated Events
Posted by Sean Lee on 23 April 2013 09:47 AM

Automated Events

The Automated Events tab provides an interface to automate various events on the server. There are some standard events already set up and others can be customized or duplicated. The automated events can run daily, weekly, or monthly. You can even create a second version of an automated event to run it on an additional schedule. For example, if you wanted your import script to run twice a day instead of just once, then you simply create another automated event with the same settings as the initial event and just change the time that it runs each day.

One rule to keep in mind with the Automated Events is that you cannot have two events set to run at the same time. The events should be spaced a minimum of 10 minutes apart to ensure that the previous event has completed before the next event begins. Here are some of the standard Automated Events.


Auto Termination


The Auto Termination event sets the time of day that the system will terminate all of the currently logged in students. This is typically run each day after all of the centers have closed. The Termination settings are set up in the Center Profile Prefs.




The dataBackup event runs on Windows servers and creates a copy of the 4DD data file that stores all of the Trac system activity. This is typically run each day in the early AM hours (1:00am to 4:00am) and set at a time to work in conjunction with network backups.


Faculty Emails


The Faculty Emails event runs on TutorTrac profiles and sends an email to each faculty member of the visits for their student the previous week. This is typically run weekly on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.




The missedAppt event checks each appointment for a matching visit and sets the Missed or Attended statuses for each appointment. This event also sends the Missed Appointment email when the student did not show up for their appointment. This is typically run each day after the Auto Termination script.




The MoveLogFile event resets the server logs. This event is typically run on the first of the month in the early AM hours (1:00am to 4:00am) to start the logs fresh each month.


Nightly Restart


The Nightly Restart event allows the Trac system to shut itself down and restart. This will clear up any cache issues, server messages, or locked records. It is recommended to run the Nightly Restart event each night for the schools with high activity on their system. The systems with an AdvisorTrac Profile are also recommended to run the Nightly Restart script because advisors access more areas of the system than consultants of other profiles. This is typically run each night after the other processes have completed.


Send Email Reminders


The Send Email Reminders event sends the appointment reminder emails to the consultants and students for their appointments the following day. This is typically run daily in the afternoon or early evening hours. It should be scheduled early enough that the users will have time to check their emails for the reminders at the end of the day.

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