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Group Preferences: Kiosk List
Posted by Jacob Burress on 12 June 2015 04:20 PM

The Kiosk List tab shows all Kiosks associated with the chosen Permission Group. It shows which Subcenter, if any, is linked to the Kiosk and the functionality of the Kiosk.

To access the settings below, follow this path. Search Glass -> Center Profile -> Choose a profile -> Group Access tab -> Click on a Permission Group name -> Kiosk List tab.

Creating Kiosks

  1. Under 'Kiosk List for this Group' click on Create new.
  2. Enter in a Kiosk name. All other settings are optional, and the sequence number will be assigned automatically.
  3. Click “Save Kiosk”. This creates the Kiosk and allows the options for the other fields to populate. Click the name of the Kiosk on the Kiosk List to continue editing.
  4. By default, the kiosk has privileges to centers listed for the group the kiosk belongs to.  Otherwise, you can choose a linked subcenter to give the Kiosk access to one center only.  
  5. Check Show Students if you would like to see a list of logged in students, and choose the way their names will be displayed under the drop-down.
  6. Check Log Resource if you would like to show any resources those students have checked out as well.
  7. Choose a linked location to give the Kiosk access to that location only.
  8. Choose a linked consultant to give the Kiosk access to that consultant only.
  9. Choose an option from the Functionality drop-down to determine what kind of logging is allowed from the Kiosk.
  10. See the header "Dynamic Kiosks" below for more information on Dynamic Kiosk options.
  11. Click Save Kiosk to save.

Editing Kiosks
Click on the name of the Kiosk you want to edit. This will display the Kiosk's details in the same way they were displayed when creating the Kiosk. Once you’ve made the desired changes, click “Save Kiosk”.

Dynamic Kiosks
Dynamic Kiosks allow modification of chosen settings within the Kiosk itself, rather than having to exit, edit, and re-launch the Kiosk. Any Kiosk can be made a Dynamic Kiosk by checking the box labeled "is Dynamic KIOSK" on the Kiosk List entry. You can add an optional passcode that will be required for any changes to be made from within the Kiosk.

When ‘Is Dynamic KIOSK’ is check-marked, you can set default visit values each time the kiosk is first opened (only for each check-marked option in ‘Dynamic KIOSK Options Setup:’).  

For each profile, you can control which visit login options are displayed at the ‘Log InOut’ tab in profile prefs.  Goto:
Trac Navigation > search glass icon > Center Profiles > Prefs tab > Log In/Out tab > (configure desired settings) > Save button

The custom options are defined by custom visit questions (set at the ‘Custom Fields’ tab in center profile prefs settings).

Here's what the options look like from within the Kiosk when we have Subject, Reason, and Location checked.

Dynamic Kiosk options with subject, reason and location.

In this example the Kiosk has a linked Subcenter, the Demo Learning Center. If you've chosen a linked Subcenter, you will be constrained by the options of that Subcenter.

A default Subject, Reason, and Location have been selected.

Dynamic Kiosk with pre-filled subject, reason and location.

Now when a student is logged in, the Subject and Reason will already be selected and the Location of the Visit will automatically be chosen and displayed in the Visit info.

Dynamic Kiosk with automatically selected subject, reason and location.

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