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Posted by Jacob Burress on 11 June 2015 04:40 PM

A Kiosk is, most simply, a student log in page. Kiosks can be set up on a computer at a check-in desk for students to log in and out for visits. The Kiosk is restricted to only these functions. As such, a Kiosk does not need to be actively overseen by a faculty member.

  • Kiosks are created under the Kiosk List tab of the Groups Entry window. See Kiosk List for more information on creating and editing Kiosks.

Once a Permission Group has access to a Kiosk, members of that group can open it from the TracMan menu by hovering over "Enter KIOSK..." and clicking on the Kiosk they wish to open.

Logging Visits with a Kiosk
Logging students in or out with a Kiosk is done exactly the same way as logging through the Log Student box.

For each profile, you can control which visit login options are displayed at the ‘Log InOut’ tab in profile prefs.  Goto:
Trac Navigation > search glass icon > Center Profiles > Prefs tab > Log In/Out tab > (configure desired settings) > Save button

Keep in mind that the Kiosk has the same permissions as the group it is created under, so any access or restrictions to centers, subjects, or tutors that group has, the Kiosk will have as well.

Once the Kiosk has been opened, no further access to the Trac system is permitted.  To access the Trac system normally, you must go back to your user log in page and log in again.

See Also: How To: Set Up a Stand-alone Kiosk , Group Preferences: Kiosk List

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