3. How To: Create and Modify Static and Dynamic Student Lists
Posted by JT Burns on 13 September 2013 01:31 PM

Creating a Static Student List

First find the students (or one of the students) you would like to add to a new static list. Then, from the List Options->Lists menu, choose Add these to a new List. You will be asked to name the List, enter the name and click OK. The students that are currently listed in the Student Listing screen will be added to the newly created student list.

Modifying a Static Student List

In order to remove a single student form a list or add a student to a list, you must have access to the Full Access screen of the student entry. Open the student record (by clicking the student's ID in the Student Listing screen).
  • Lists shown in green are static lists where you have editing privileges. Click the x next to the list name to remove the student from the list. You may add a student to a static list by click on the Add to List menu and choosing a list from the list of choices.
  • Lists shown in dark blue are lists that are dynamic, they were created via search parameters and therefore the student may not be removed from the list in the same way as static lists.
Student Entry Screen with Associated Lists


Creating a Dynamic Student List

To create a new dynamic list, choose the Power Search choice from the List Options menu in the Student Listing screen. Enter the criteria for the new dynamic list.
  • Enter a name for the new dynamic list in the entry field at the bottom of the power search screen and choose Dynamic for the list type.
  • Click Search to find the students and create the new dynamic list.
Using the Power Search to Create a Dynamic List.

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