2. How To: Set up Access to Lists
Posted by JT Burns on 13 September 2013 01:29 PM

Setting up Access to Lists

In order to manage students in lists, the user must have access to the student listing screen, which is accessed by student search:
Student Search Screens preference
List Access group preference
Any existing lists may be given to a user's group. This is done on the center access tab of the group entry screen. Access to a list may be given for read only purposes. Search only means that a users may only find the students in the list but may not assign a student to the list. Search and Edit access to the list allows a user to remove or add students to and from the list. Note: any lists that have been removed from the system may be display as Not Found in the list access field.
From the student listing screen, you may choose a list to display the students associated with the list. Click on List Options, move the mouse over Lists and then choose any of the Lists to the right.

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