1. How To: List Management
Posted by JT Burns on 13 September 2013 01:27 PM

List Management

Student may belong to an unlimited number of lists. Lists may be either static or dynamic. Static lists allow more flexibility but require manual management of the students that belong to the list. Dynamic lists require only a specific search criteria and only students that match the criteria are stored as members of the list.

Student List Management Overview

The List Management capabilities allow you to add students to a list and then retrieve the list of students at a later time. Lists may be compared to each other in order to find intersections, unions, and differences. Lists may be static or dynamic.

Practical Uses for Lists

Lists may be used to group any population of students together and give the user the ability to quickly display all students that belong to a list. This functionality in and of itself makes lists useful indeed. But there are other ways that lists can be utilized to provide added functionality in the use of the tracking software.

  • Centers may require that only certain students are allowed to log a visit to the center. This can be done by adjusting the preference in the subcenter entry screen to constrain logging visits to students from a certain static or dynamic list.
  • Centers may also require that only certain students be allowed to book an appointment in a particular center. The same subcenter entry screen gives the ability to constrain appointment booking to only those students that belong to a particular static or dynamic center.
  • Lists might be used for grouping certain student populations, like students that participate in a particular sport - this list of students might be particularly important to a coach.
  • Lists might also be used to categorize students that qualify for a certain program or be part of a special needs program where those students are reported on in a special fashion. Since the standard reports include an option for choosing a list to use for the student population on the report, organizing the students into a list makes reporting on the group of students straight forward and easy.

Static Lists

Static Lists are lists of students that you create where you may manually add or remove the student from the list. Thus the student stays on the list statically until you remove the student.


Dynamic Lists

Dynamic Lists are lists where you provide search criteria that describes the students that belong to the list. Each time the list is displayed the stored search criteria is executed to find the list of students that match the criteria. Thus the population of students can change from day to day, making this list very dynamic.

Dynamic Lists may be based on another dynamic list. For example if you had two dynamics lists, one called Baseball that searched for all students that have the value baseball entered for the sport field, and another dynamic list called football that did a similar search for the key value foot ball, you could then have another dynamic list called Athletes that looks for all students that are members of either the baseball list or the football list. This means that anytime the value of the sport field changes for a student, his or her membership any related lists are automatically updated.

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