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Center Profile Entry
Posted by JT Burns on 26 August 2013 10:28 AM

Center Profile Entry

Center Profile is a setup of unique subcenters, users, consultants, settings, and preferences. A singleTrac application comes with a single profile by default; however, additional profiles may be purchased if you have some centers that operate in a slightly different manner from the original profile. A profile is related to a product type (TutorTrac, AdvisorTrac, LabTrac, or FitnessTrac) and will have some unique features enabled for the profile. To get to your new Center Profile, roll your mouse over the search glass on the Trac Navigation search window and click Center Profiles. This will bring you to a Listing Screen.

Click your Profile name to edit your Profile.

Activating your Center Profile

A Profile is not activated until you receive an Activation Code from Redrock Software. Email with the Sequence number found at the top of the Center Profile record. You will receive an email containing your Activation Code for this profile. You will only receive an Activation Code for the number of Center Profiles that you have purchased. Enter the Activation Code, uncheck the Deactivated checkbox, enter the General Info in the Center Profile, and click Save.

Creating Subcenters

After you have activated your Center Profile, we now have the ability to create subcenters. A subcenter could represent a physical center, department, unit, or any other division that you might need to separate activities, users, consultants, schedules, and visits. Typical subcenters include Learning Centers, Math Centers, Writing Centers, Advising Centers, but subcenters do not have to be limited to actual physical locations. To create a subcenter, navigate to the Centers tab within your Center Profile. Click Create New to begin the process of creating a new subcenter.

Enter the name of your Subcenter in the Subcenter Name field.

Click Save Subcenter to Save your Subcenter.

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