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Administrative Options and Settings
Posted by JT Burns on 22 August 2013 12:58 PM

Your Trac system is a highly-customizable piece of software. In order to provide as much flexibility as possible, the Trac system has a multiple levels of settings and privileges. While this will make the administrative roles a little more complex, it adds many capabilities to your system. We will find these settings in a few different areas in the program.

The first area of settings is found in the Utilities and Prefs. The Utilities and Prefs contains the System
Prefs, Advanced Prefs, LDAP Tool, Email Tool, and Automated Events. These are system-wide settings that are applied to the Trac system regardless of Center Profile, Subcenter, or Group. Because these settings have global implications, they are accessible only to the Sys Admin Group. A user in the Sys Admin Group can access the Utilities and Prefs... from the Trac Navigation Menu. Click on the TracMan Icon on the left side of the Trac Navigation Menu and select Utilities and Prefs...

The second area of settings is found in the Center Profile. The Center Profile(s) are only accessible to users in groups with Center Admin level privileges. The Center Profile contains preferences specific to the Center Profile and its related Groups, Users, and Consultants. Because these settings have Profile-wide implications, the Center Profile Entry is only accessible to Center Admin and Sys Admin Groups. Move your cursor to the Trac Navigation Menu and mouse over the search glass in the search bar. Select Centers to access a listing of all Center Profiles. Click on a Center Profile to access the Center Profile Entry screens.

The third area of settings is found in the Groups Entry. The Groups Entry is accessed through the Center Profile and contains settings that apply to the Groups operating within a Center Profile. Because of these Profile-wide implications, the Groups Entry is only accessible to Center Admin and Sys Admin Groups. To access the Groups Entry, first navigate to a Center Profile Entry. The second tab in the Center Profile Entry screens is the Group Access tab. Click on this tab to assign privileges to Groups within this Center.
From the Group Access tab, you can click on the Group name to open the Groups Entry window. The
Groups Entry allows you to create the Users that are a part of the group and then enter the specific privileges these users will share within the Trac system.

The fourth area of settings involves the personal preferences that users can choose to customize the Trac system for themselves. The My Prefs menu is also found from the Trac Navigation Menu. Click on the TracMan Icon and select My Prefs. The My Prefs options include adding some Widgets to the Main Menu, such as a Mini Log Listing, Reports, custom window colors, Weekly Tip, and a custom RSS news feed. The user's ability to enable some of these preferences is dependent upon the access provided them through their assigned Group.

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