Knowledgebase: Logging In to Trac 4.0
Logging in to Trac 4.0
Posted by JT Burns on 22 August 2013 12:01 PM

Logging in to Trac 4.0

You will access your Trac 4.0 application through a web browser. As a web-based application, your entire user experience will be through a web browser such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome. For the best experience, we recommend using Firefox 10 and higher or Safari 4 and higher. The Trac 4.0 system is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and 9; however, the IE browser experience is quirky in some of the administrative sections.

The URL or Web address to access your Trac system is http://ipaddress/tracweb40/default.html where the “ipaddress” is the address of your server. It might be an actual IP Address, such as, or it might be set up with a DNS on your network, such as So, you might access through an address such as or

Go to your Trac 4.0 site. Log in with the default SysAdmin account provided with your installation.
Contact for your account password.

Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version, you can still log in to the Trac system with your username and password, however, your account might not be associated with the full Sys Admin Group.

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