1. Installing Your Trac Application
Posted by Sean Lee on 23 April 2013 09:16 AM

How do I install my Trac Product?

Your Trac Product is installed on a single computer that will act as the server and will host your Trac server application. We highly recommend this server is in an IT server room – away from regular use areas.  The users can access your Trac application from any web-enabled device on the network. As a web-based application, there is no need to install the software on any other computer.  The Trac server application requires a static IP address, a Product ID (found in the download email), and an installation code obtained from Redrock Software Corporation. The installation is simple and straightforward. Quit all other software before installing the Trac server application.

Minimum Requirements

Detailed Server requirements can be found here

Dedicated Server Machine

A dedicated server is recommended for high-use campuses where student population exceeds 20,000 and students have the ability to book appointments via the web. Lower activity campuses may utilize multi-use servers or combine the server functionality with the login/out activity.

Virtual Machine

Virtual Machines are supported without any issue. Please be sure to follow the minimum requirements in created the machine.

Windows Installation

Upon purchase of your Trac product, Redrock Software will send an installation email providing a download link.  Once downloaded, your Trac system will be unpacked and installed into a single directory (TutorTrac, AdvisorTrac, FitnessTrac).   The default location is C:\TutorTrac but you can install it on another drive if you wish.  Next, set up your Trac product to run as a service by following directions at Install as a Service.

Product ID and Installation Code

The first time that Trac is run, it prompts you for a Product ID and Installation code. The Product ID uniquely identifies your Trac application. The Installation code unlocks your Trac server application by linking it to the server computer. The Product ID is located in the download email. The Installation code may be obtained from Redrock Software via email at Provide the static Server IP Address and the Product ID when requesting your Installation code.

The Installation code, Product ID, and Server IP Address are linked together. The web server software now belongs to this machine and will only operate on that machine. If it is necessary to change server machines, you will need to change the new computer's IP Address to the original machine's IP Address, or contact Redrock Software to obtain a new installation code.

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